Treatments for Infertility

The 13 Natural Treatments for Infertility to Get You Pregnant (Part 3)

By Paul J.O'Brien B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med, Cert.CHM, Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

Treatments for Infertility continues with my 13 Natural Fertility Treatments to Get You Pregnant. In Part 1, I Introduced you to the First 2 treatments for infertility to get you pregnant and stay pregnant. To summarise those top 2 from my natural treatments for infertility approach:

  1. You need to makes sure that your spine and hips aren't causing a structural problem preventing a happy healthy pregnancy
  2. You need to make sure that your organs are in the right place to do their job, get you pregnant and keep you pregnant. 

In Part 2, I showed you why it is vitally important your treatments for infertility include:

  1. Draining accumulated toxins from the body
  2. Restoring hormonal balance
  3. The foods to maximise your fertility

In this part, I'm going to share with the next 3 essential treatments for infertility I use in my clinic and with my 1-on-1 coaching clients to such great success. You're going to learn simple things that are probably in your kitchen press right now that can enhance your fertility, how to take all the guesswork out of getting pregnant and how to transform your health just by sitting down for 5 minutes. :-D 

Let's dive in! :-)

Treatments for Infertility (continued)

No. 6: Eastern Nutrition 

Is this really healthy?Is this really healthy?

In the previous article I showed you that Western Medicine is only NOW, figuring out that your food is a drug and that food can be your medicine. This is knowledge the eastern medical systems have known for thousands of years. Actually, we knew this in the West too....we just forgot it at some point. Want to know something shocking - Doctors today get less than 16 hours of training in nutrition. They know extremely little about the power of food to heal...or to cause damage in the body. 

Chinese Medicine has long understood the vast power of food for healing many conditions in particularly fertility problems.  As we saw in part 2 Western Medicine began looking at our foods, like sugar, and discovered the imbalances sugar causes to our blood and hormones. Traditional Chinese Medicine figured that out about 5,000 years ago. But they went further.

Over hundreds of years, TCM doctors analysed, studied and recorded the effects of nearly everything that can be eaten; plant, animal, fish, insect, even building supplies and noted the exact mechanisms by which these foods affected the body. In so doing they developed one of the most comprehensive, if not the most comprehensive, nutritional programs in the world. One that is able to effectively treat a myriad of health problems and medical complaints, including infertility, through the most foundational of human activities - eating. 

One of the things that surprises my 1-on-1 coaching clients and my patients is that when looking through their food diaries I discover foods that they are convinced are healthy, only to show them that these foods may in fact be one of the underlying reasons they haven't gotten pregnant! This is because certain foods, while healthy in general, may not be right for you, with your specific patterns of imbalance at this time. Correcting this is one of the most powerful treatments for infertility you can apply. Let's look at an example - salad. 

Salad is harmless right, really healthy, getting lots of leafy greens in, loads of nutrients....right? Well...for a person suffering from Dampness in the Lower Jiao (a condition I explain in full in my free guide!) salads would be a disaster. Dampness in the Lower Jiao often results in a prolonged or irregular menstrual cycle, with a feeling of tiredness, and a long term history of infertility (3+ years). Further if this is left untreated it can manifests as Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This conditions stems from a weakness of the stomach and the spleen to digest the foods and fluids we eat...and salad makes this much worse. 

Firstly salad is cold and colds foods cause constriction and tightness of the stomach and the spleen, making it harder to breakdown - just as holding snowball too long in your hand makes your fingers become stiff and achy, so too does having too much cold food and fluid in the stomach. This food needs to be warmed in the stomach before it can be broken down, which wastes time and energy - but you're actually getting less nutrition than you think....

Raw broccoli has 100 units of nutrients. This is an arbitrary figure for illustrative purposes. Cooking the broccoli destroys 20 nutrients, leaving it with a total content of 80 nutrients. It would appear then that the raw foodists are right and that eating raw broccoli would confer far greater health benefits and better nutrition. However we have not looked at what humans actually do when they eat the broccoli. 

  • Firstly, no one absorbs 100% of any available nutrient in a given food. 
  • Secondly the nutrient sin broccoli and nearly every vegetable, are found in containers of cellulose. Which is very hard to digest. 

As such the most one absorbs of the raw nutrient is about 50%. The rest gets pooped out. 

By contract cooking breaks down the cellulose walls (hence things vegetables become softer) and one could derive 65% or more of the nutrition contained within. Although there is less gross nutrition available, far more is absorbed and thus the net nutritional benefits are far greater. Of course, it's important to point out we are talking about light and gentle cooking and warming. Overcooking destroys any useful nutrition and makes things unpalatable mush or lifeless cinders. 

With this in mind soups and stews are seen as the ideal foods for out health. They are warm, pre-digested and deeply nourishing and are the predominant dish of the east.  And again we know this intuitively in the West. When we are sick and run down we live on soups and stews and we feed these easy to eat foods to infants whose Stomach/Spleen is naturally weak as it is still developing. 

Too much raw or chilled foods and drinks weaken the Stomach/Spleen and cools the fire of digestion.  Even from a western perspective we know that warm food is processed much better than cold, as the food needs to be reheated to body temperature, wasting vital energy that could be spent on maximizing the energy you get from digestion. 

The digestive process needs warmth – in Traditional Chinese Medicine we refer to this as Digestive Fire, which is interesting because the major energy process of the body is the production of heat, through our metabolism (we burn sugar and fat, literally, to produce energy). Too cold a food can lead to Dampness and Stagnation, which in turn leads to poor energy levels, weight gain, mental fog and overall poor fertility.

Tea - one of my key Treatments for InfertilityTea - one of my key Treatments for Infertility

The same applies to fluid – don’t take in too much cold drinks, and try to keep fluid to a minimum when eating. A little warm fluid, about a teacup, of some black or ginger tea is fine and aids in digestion.  This helps create a warm soupy stew in the stomach and spleen and aids digestion and the building of blood and energy. Anything more can flood the Spleen, leaving you bloated and unable to effectively digest your food.  You’re better off drinking in between your meals. 

This Dampness and Stagnation is like sediment building up on the bottom of the gas tank of your care when poor fuel or improper clearage of the tank becomes an issue. We've seen how Coldness dampens the fire of metabolism, but it's important to note also that overeating and stuffing food in and tightly packing the stomach is equally damaging. Just like an engine that won't start if you keep turning it over, you'll flood the engine and it then has no hope of starting. 

Cold, hard to digest foods and simply too much food, will stagnate the stomach. And just like the engine, it will flood or stall and you get nowhere fast, or the stomach will try too hard to burn off the excess and end up like a car in overdrive. The stomach then becomes overheated, just as the engine will. Too much heat, then triggers a hunger response in the Stomach - and we create a vicious loop of overeating followed by greater cravings. We see this time and again with heating, inflammatory food - like sugar. Overtime this chronic overheating of the stomach leads to an insatiable desire for coolness and thirst, and we become addicted to cold chilled drinks (Coke) and cold sweet food (Ice-cream) as the natural moisture of the stomach (Yin) has been completely burnt away. 

It's my job to balance all of this complex information for my clients. To provide the chemistry of Western Nutrition and balance that with the energetic, medical and therapeutic effects of Eastern Nutrition...if either of these treatments for infertility are lacking, then so may be your results. 

No. 7: Charting Analysis

What if you could take ALL the guesswork out of getting pregnant? What if you could using a simple and free method know exactly where your oestrogen level were, if you thyroid was changing over the follicular phase where you grown and ripped your eggs to the luteal phase where we hold and grip on that developing pregnancy? What if there was a way to know exactly when you were your most fertile without peeing on stick and wasting money on expensive and unneeded ovulation kits? What is there was a way to know, without absolute certainty that your treatments for infertility were working?

Well...there is. :-) 

Basal Body Temperature is often disregarded by Western Medical fertility clinics. They have expensive tests to sell you after all. But here's the thing, it only takes a few minutes (and what is that in comparison to getting pregnant?) , it allows you to understand your own body and how your ovaries are functioning on a daily is quite frankly the simplest, easiest and most effective method out there for doing so. 

Only requiring a thermometer, a pen and paper - this simple routine can provide you with an incredible amount of detailed information and objective evidence that your treatments for infertility are working. Using this information the well trained fertility expert can determine:

  • If you're having enough intercourse to establish a pregnancy, 
  • The exact timing of your fertile window, 
  • The levels of oestrogen growing and ripening the follicles and eggs, 
  • The level of progesterone and if it is consistently maintained to keep a developing pregnancy in place, 
  • If your thyroid, Kidneys, Heart and Liver are supporting your pregnancy
  • Track ovulation far more effectively expensive ovulation predictor kits (ask me how ;-D) 
  • If emotional tension is disrupting to your menstrual cycle and fertility
  • And a whole lot more. 

Truth be told, it is my close examination of these charts, and my ability to translate that in actionable steps that has in part produced my success rate and introduce over 100 babies to the world. This one habit, that literally only takes a minute, can ultimately determine if the treatments for infertility you are undertaking will work or not. It can be the difference between getting pregnant or not. 

No. 8: Meditation and Mindfulness

You've heard this a thousand times already I am sure. You may have even tried it a few times, but your mind doesn't magically go blank, it's boring and you can't do it. I totally get that. I felt the same way and it's like we have the same problem - we were taught wrong!!! But meditation is one the single most important things you can do for your whole health, not just your fertility. 

In 2009, at the Center for Functionally Integrative Neuroscience at Denmark’s Aarhus University, Peter Vestergaard-Pulsen led a team seeking to explore the effects of long term meditation on brain structure. They found, as they report in their paper, also in Neuroreport:

 “Using magnetic resonance imaging, we observed higher gray matter density in lower brain stem regions of experienced meditators compared with age-matched non-meditators. Our findings show that long-term practitioners of meditation have structural differences in brainstem regions concerned with cardiorespiratory control. This could account for some of the cardiorespiratory parasympathetic effects and traits, as well as the cognitive, emotional, and immunoreactive impact reported in several studies of different meditation practices.”

All of these are key biomarkers for increased healing and activates our bodies Natural Fertility boosting hormones - check out this article where I teach a 5 minute meditation that is one of the key steps in the treatments for infertility that have made my method so successful. 

Okay...this was a really long entry in this series - but I think it's worth it, there is crucial information here on which treatments for infertility are most useful and the daily things you can do to make a massive impact in your fertility health: 

  • Eat warm foods
  • Take your temperature each morning
  • Meditate

In Part 4 of this series I'll share with you the secrets of sleep - including what time to go to bed for maximal fertility boosting, how to use simple kitchen ingredients to boost your fertility hormones, and how to easily boost blood flow to the ovaries and womb with one hand. :-) 

Finally, don't forget, if you want to know what steps you should take why not book a free 1-on-1 fertility troubleshooting session with me and we'll figure out your best next steps together? Click here to book your online appointment

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